Halibut is a very well-known fish species in North America.  However, the wild stock on both coasts is under pressure.  Quotas have been cut substantially on the west coast where the majority of Halibut consumed in North America originates.

Total Wild Atlantic Landings Volume Total Wild Pacific Halibut Landings Volume

HPEI’s product is land-based and ocean wise certified.  HPEI uses salt water from deep wells which produce abiotic salt water eliminating the need for antibiotics and drugs of any kind.  This results in a very small environmental footprint with production 365 days of the year. These two facts alone put HPEI in a unique position when it comes to the marketplace. A six-pound halibut when processed gives a maximum yield of 54%.  This is high by any standard.  Quality, availability and price is guaranteed.  These factors allow restaurants to put Halibut on their permanent menus as opposed to it being a daily feature, never knowing when it is available or at what price given that wild halibut is sold as a commodity and therefore it’s price is subject to supply and demand.