Halibut PEI Inc. (HPEI) began as a land-based halibut grow-out in Victoria, Prince Edward Island, Canada, in September 2008 drawing water from 3 deep saltwater wells producing water in the temperature range required by halibut

The initial plan was to buy 5-gram juveniles from a hatchery in Nova Scotia and grow them for 3 years until they reached a market size of 6 pounds as a head off gutted product that could be shipped 365 days of the year. The market targeted was a high-end restaurant in Eastern Canada (Toronto to Halifax ). Product was shipped by truck with shipment taking place immediately after harvest.

HPEI began as a fish farm with a capacity of 35 metric tones annually. Following  4 years of successful operation, an addition was added to the farm to increase the capacity to 70 metric tonnes annually.

In April 2017, a new hatchery was constructed as an extension to the fish farm that has the capacity to produce 250,000  5 gram juveniles annually that can supply grow-outs with a capacity of producing 500 metric tonnes annually.

In 2018, HPEI purchased the brood stock from the Nova Scotia hatchery and collected halibut from the wild fishery off Prince Edward Island in 2017 and 2018. HPEI is now a completely integrated company with control of the production from the harvest of broodstock, to the hatchery, to grow-out to market size.

HPEI is now seeking investment from persons or Companies that want to form a relationship with HPEI through a new entity that would establish a grow-out (s) to utilize the 250,000 production capacity of the hatchery.  We are seeking investment to establish grow-out(s) in Atlantic Canada or the Eastern US.  The relationship model is designed to create an interdependency between HPEI and the new entity to capture the synergies of both.

HPEI has a Federally licensed processing plant immediately adjacent to the farm that allows for processing, packaging and transport immediately after harvest.