Facility History

  • 2008-2009:
    • HPEI was founded at Victoria, PEI
    • Completion of research on growing Halibut in stranded salt water wells intended for lobster growing
    • Lower salt water concentration shows accelerated growth of Halibut
  • 2010 HPEI develops a nursery to grow Halibut from 5g to 200 grams
  • 2013 HPEI develops a 70-tonne Grow-Out to grow Halibut from 200 grams to 3Kg
  • 2016 HPEI¬† builds a Hatchery system
  • 2017/2018 Established Broodstock and milt program
  • 2018 Halibut begins marketing fertilized eggs, 5-gram juveniles, 70-gram juveniles, 200-gram juveniles and 3 kg market fish