HPEI’s sustainability platform includes 3 supporting elements:

1. Financial Sustainability

Our efficient and optimized operations return the highest value to our shareholders.  Our saltwater wells provide pristine water requiring no antibiotics or water purification.  The geothermal wells also require no heating and in fact, our saltwater wells heat our facility during Winter months.  All these factors minimize our cost to get product to the marketplace.  Our products command the highest of price in our established and local markets.  The result of minimized operating cost coupled with optimization of price in the marketplace is a healthy margin for growth.

2. Socio-economic Sustainability

Our operations create full-time employment for individuals in regions where convention commercial fisheries have seen a decline.  The unique aspect of our operations and product promotes the growth of a Halibut industry and helps to attract foreign investment in PEI.

3. Environmental Sustainability

  • Halibut PEI strives for a low-environmental-footprint by using geothermal heat from our deep saltwater wells that feed pure, flowing seawater into specially-designed tanks. Our halibut are completely free of antibiotics, and we protect the environment from non-native species escaping into the wild by using a land-based system rather than sea-based nets.
  • Risk of disease, predators and naturally occurring issues which dominate sea cage aquaculture, are non-existent in land-based aquaculture, eliminating environmental concerns and optics associated with alternate aquaculture opportunities.
  • Escaping into the wild is prevented by using a land-based system rather than sea-based nets.
  • Products produced at HPEI Morning Star are sold under the Ocean Wise Program, and Halibut PEI Inc. is committed to a continual reduction of the environmental footprint of its operations.  rations with the goal of attaining organic status.
  • Our closed loop filtration systems, return clean salt water to the ocean.  Solids are removed and are used in soil enrichment in  Agriculture.