Halibut PEI Inc

Halibut PEI (HPEI) is a land-based, closed contained Ocean Wise certified Halibut aquaculture operation located in Victoria, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Our broodstock, egg fertilization, hatchery, nursery and grow-out operations makes us North America’s only fully integrated Halibut company.  Supplied with geothermal modified salt water wells, HPEI  leads the development of an industry in strategic locations across Prince Edward Island, where these wells exist.

HPEI has been growing and marketing farm raised Halibut successfully since 2009  and has constructed a purpose built 70 mt grow-out facility.

Proof of concept has been achieved and many milestones have been surpassed giving HPEI a huge advantage over any competition.  Using its own geothermal modified salt-water wells gives HPEI a reliable and safe water supply at a low operating cost. Additionally, a very desirable and safe way of life on Prince Edward Island facilitates the attraction of a skilled workforce.

Halibut is a known species which commands the highest price of all of the white fish on the market.  Demand is further enhanced by the steady decline in the wild stocks over the past 10 years.  As much as 25,000 tonnes annually have been reduced from the west coast wild fishery alone in this time period.

HPEI’s hatchery facility is capable of supplying grow-outs with 250,000 fish for growth to 3 kg market size fish.  This represents enough feed stock for an industry up to 500 tonnes per year of halibut.

Environmental Sustainability

Halibut PEI strives for a low-environmental footprint by using geo-thermal heat from our deep salt water wells that feed pure, flowing sea water into specially-designed tanks. Our halibut are completely free of antibiotics, and we protect the environment from non-native species escaping into the wild by using a land-based system rather than sea-based nets.

Risk of disease, predators and naturally occurring issues which dominate sea cage aquaculture, are non-existent in land-based aquaculture, eliminating environmental concerns and optics associated with alternate aquaculture opportunities.

Products produced at HPEI are sold under the Ocean Wise Program, and Halibut PEI Inc. is committed to the continual reduction of the environmental footprint of its operations.

Our closed loop filtration systems, return clean salt water to the ocean.  Solids are removed and are used in soil enrichment in  Agriculture.


Halibut PEI is an innovative aquaculture company producing delicious premium halibut! As the only  Halibut growing facility on Prince Edward Island, Canada, our operations are strictly controlled ensuring every fillet is of pristine quality and freshness.

To ensure a healthy environment for our fish, we’ve developed leading-edge technology, paying special attention to diet by feeding the fish a high protein mixture in temperature controlled, constantly circulating salt water.

Our integrated land-based system produces a sustainable, prime, and fresh fillet, steak or whole fish fit for any gourmet touch, available 365 days of the year.


Products produced by Halibut PEI are sold under the Ocean Wise Program, and Halibut PEI Inc. is committed to continue reducing the environmental footprint of its operations with the goal of attaining organic status for their products.

Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. Ocean Wise works with us to ensure we have the most current scientific information regarding seafood. The Ocean Wise symbol makes it easier for consumers to make environmentally friendly seafood choices, assuring that the item is a good choice for keeping ocean life healthy and abundant for generations to come.